I have been, at best, a lurker on the RPG scene ever since the scene has existed. I have been playing games for a long time, but never sharing the things that I’ve created for personal games. To put it lightly, I don’t see most of the stuff that I create up to the standards that I want to hold myself to.

I am a tragic perfectionist, and as I get older, I am trying to change that. I am trying to not to sweat the small stuff. I am going with the flow.

I want this blog to serve as a space of published creativity. Gaining a following isn’t the goal here: the goal is to publish things and finish them. The process of creation fascinates me, but for some reason the thought of showing my own process has been a difficult hurdle to overcome.

If this experiment goes well, the blog can change those things. I’m setting the lightest possible rule for myself at this point: one piece of something every week. That’s the only limitations I’m setting right now. It could be as simple as a random table, or a little adventure. It might be a drawing, or some fiction. Right now, I want my stuff to exist out there, where people can read it, and I can connect to them.

I don’t plan on revolutionizing anything, breaking any boundaries, or being the best at churning out the holy content. I am posting things here so that I can commit to finishing things.

Thanks for checking out the blog. If you’re reading this, I hope it’s at the end of a slew of weekly content!

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