More stuff for Slayers by Spencer Campbell!

The Slayers tinkering continues and now I’m feeling a bit of a rush to get this class worked on, as I’m joining in a game of Slayers this weekend and I want to try out something new! So, presented here is the WIP of my second class.


You are the last of your kind, a memory from an old time when magic could be learned, harnessed, and mastered much easier. Your body has been modified to become a conduit for arcane energies, and you’ve spent your entire life training with them. Now, you employ your Arcane Stances in combat, a brutal mixture of weaponry and magic mastered.


HP: 8

Speed: d8

Arcane Dice Pool: 5d6

Damage: 1

Stances Known: 2


At the start of combat, roll your Arcane Dice Pool and choose one of your stances to make active.


Roll 1d6 against an enemy at either Engaged or Near range. If it hits, deal damage.


The power level of your active Arcane Stance depends on the number of dice in your pool that are matching. Each Stance conveys different abilities depending on how many matches you currently have. It also has an Exhaust ability: once you have triples, you can Exhaust the Stance and reroll your entire Arcane Dice Pool.

You may use this quick action to choose any of the dice and reroll them, hoping for more matches.

You may also use this action to change which Arcane Stance you have active.


Basic Advances

▢ ▢ ▢ Stance: Learn 1 additional Stance.

Momentum: Once you Exhaust an Arcane Stance, reroll your pool with an extra d6 and then discard 1 of the dice.

Carry Through: If you get any sets after rolling to Exhaust, you can immediately apply them to a Stance instead of using a quick action on your turn.

Flicker Between: If you have more than one sets of matches in your pool, you can use Resonating Power to take two Stances instead of one.

Expert Advances

▢ ▢ Stance: Learn 1 Stance.

▢ ▢ Stance Master: Choose 1 Stance. You can use the Exhaust action with doubles.

Strong Start: When combat begins, roll an extra d6 to form matches. Discard 1 dice afterwards.

Limit Breaker: Choose a number of extra dice to roll for your original pool. You can build as many sets as possible, but only keep 5 dice afterwards. Take damage equal to the extra amount of dice rolled.

Arcane Stances


Doubles: Roll 2d8 when you use Master of Weapons, dealing damage with each hit.

Triples: Roll 3d8 when you use Master of Weapons, dealing damage on each hit.

Exhaust: (ACTION) Roll 3d8 with advantage when you use Master of Weapons, dealing damage on each hit.


Doubles: You have advantage on Brawn skill checks.

Triples: As doubles, and you deal +1 damage on attacks.

Exhaust: (FREE) When you Exhaust the Stance as part of an attack, that attack deals 4 total damage.


Doubles: Lashing out with arcane fire, you can use an action to attack at Far range.

Triples: Arcane fire explodes outwards from your body. You can choose to deal damage to everyone Engaged with you, including allies, when you hit with your attack.

Exhaust: (ACTION) If you Exhaust this Stance, 1 enemy bursts into flame. They take 1 damage each turn unless they spend an action to put themselves out.


Doubles: You have advantage on Agile checks.

Triples: As doubles, and you can move one range as part of an attack.

Exhaust: (ACTION) Teleport anywhere within sight.


Doubles: Take 1 less damage from each hit.

Triples: Take half damage from each hit.

Exhaust: (FREE) Triggered when you take damage, the strike is reflected back on the enemy.


Doubles: You have advantage on Stealth skill checks.

Triples: As doubles, and when you attack from the shadows you deal an additional 1 damage.

Exhaust: (FREE) You vanish into the shadows, unable to be found until the start of your next turn.


Doubles: When you move, you can move vertically as long as you stop on solid ground.

Triples: When you move, you can move on liquid surfaces as long as you stop on solid ground.

Exhaust: (FREE) For your next movement, as doubles and triples, and you weigh nothing, letting you move across anything that has substance.


Doubles: Whenever you hit with Master of Weapons, gain 1 HP.

Triples: Whenever you hit with Master of Weapons, gain 2 HP.

Exhaust: (FREE) When an enemy is downed, you and all allies within Engaged range with the downed enemy gain 2 HP.


Doubles: Enemies within Engaged range that attack a target other than you do so with disadvantage.

Triples: When an ally at Engaged range with you takes damage, you can choose to take half (min 1) and they take none.

Exhaust: (FREE) Whenever an ally is attacked, you can Exhaust your Stance to move up to your speed into Engaged range with the enemy. They must attack you.

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